Best Rowing Machines For Home Use UK

You know that the rowing machine is the best aerobic workout machine. In this review, you can see the best rowing machine for home use in the UK.

It provides you with an entire body workout and gives you perfect body shape. So you can select a rowing machine for your daily exercise.

Top 9 Rowing Machines For Home

Here are our rated rowing machines for home use the UK in 2023.

1. JLL® R200+ Home Rowing Machine

JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine

Product specifications:

  • 10 levels of magnetic resistance
  • LCD Monitor Display
  • Total count, Calorie, Count / Min, Count, Distance, Scan, Time
  • Advanced belt driving system
  • The inbuilt wheels.
  • Compact and foldable
  • Maximum User Weight is 100kg.

JLL® R200+ Home Rowing Machine featured with ten levels of magnetic resistance that you can adjust it easily with your fitness. A rowing machine is a complete workout machine that helps to burn your upper and lower body muscle correctly. Each push burns extra calorie in the lower body and pulls burn your upper body.

The rowing machine ensures you the best aerobic that you can make a perfect workout session happily. Suppose you want to get a fun workout session rowing machine to ensure you that. The belt-driven rowing machine provides you with engaging training. The compact foldable machine easily transported that included with a transport wheel.

The JLL® R200 Home featured with an LCD which track your workout information that you can increase you’re your progress to do more exercise. The LCDs your total count of stoke, calorie, count per minute time, distance, and scan your all information that you can make a new workout plan easily.

The R200 featured with a smooth sliding mechanism that it provides you with a seamless rowing simulation. The comfortable padded seat ensures you more comfort that you can do a long session to get proper fitness. The robust rowing machine can hold up to 1oo kg maximum user weight.


2. SportPlus Rowing Machine

SportPlus Rowing Machine

Product dimensions:

  • The inclination-adjustable
  • Training computer with LCD-display
  • 8 kg flywheel mass
  • Max user weight 150 kg
  • Clear LCD
  • Ball-bearing mounted comfort rudder seat.
  • Large pedals with non-slip tread surface and safety straps.

The rowing machine is the best aerobic exercise machine in the UK. It offers you total body workout that you don’t need to use another machine. The SportPlus Rowing Machine rowing machine works more than 80% muscle on your body.

The SportsPlus rowing machine equipped with a whisper-quiet magnetic break. that you can do a long term workout session without disturbing your co-worker. With the 8kg flywheel and high – quality resistance ensure you an excellent exercise that you will get a perfect body shape within minimal time.

The high-quality SportPlus rowing machine featured with a digital LCD and it tracks your workout information and show it on display. It counts your total stroke, calorie, time beat frequency, pulse and distance that you can get a safe and protective exercise.

The ball bearing mounted rudder seat made of PU material and large pedals with non-slip tread protect you from unexpected slipping during exercise. The SportPlus rowing machine for home is innovatively foldable that you can keep it your suitable place in your home. It featured with the included wheel that you can move it quickly. It can carry up to 150 kg and certified from the safety test.


3. SportPlus Indoor Rower

SportPlus Indoor Rower

Product specifications:

  • Eight levels of adjustable resistance
  • Includes a 5 kHz heart rate strap receiver
  • Featured with training computer
  • Max. User weight 150 kg
  • Max. User height of 2.0 m

The SportsPlus indoor rower comes with eight levels of adjustable resistance. It ensures you maintenance-free and wears a free turbine breaking system exercise that you will get the best exercise to build your fitness. The Indoor rower machine integrated with 5 kHz heart rate strap that provides you safe and perfect stoke each moment.

The SprotPlus indoor rower featured with bell bearing mounted rudder seat included extra-long aluminum roller rail. You can seat comfortably and do a long session workout it doesn’t change the fact that what type of user you are. The indoor rower is suitable for the new and elite user for its adjustable resistance. With the fixed stand, the indoor rower featured with an uneven floor companion that you can set it correctly in your home.

The indoor rower has a training computer with 5kz pulse receiver. The LCD shows your training time, total strokes, distance, approx. Calorie consumption, strokes per minute and heart rate. The information support you to make a new workout plan.

The space-saver rowing machine is innovatively foldable that supports you keep it small place. It has a large and protective footprint that you can do your every stroke correctly without slipping. It included with transport wheel on the front stand that you can move it quickly without anyone support. The robust rowing can hold up to 150kg and certified as per EN ISO 20957-1, EN957-7.


4. JLL® Ventus 2 Air Resistance Home Rowing Machine

JLL Ventus 2 Air Resistance Home Rowing Machine

Product specifications:

  • LCD Monitor
  • 8 Levels of magnetic resistance
  • Combined with air resistance
  • Compact, lightweight and foldable.
  • The inbuilt wheels
  • Maximum user weight is 120kg
  • ROHS CE compliance

JLL® Ventus Home Rowing Machine featured with eight levels of magnetic resistance that you can do an experienced exercise.

The heavy-duty rower ensures you a professional exercise that you feel that you can touch your goal immediately. The home rower ensures you the best value of money with its innovative feature so you will get the professional training in your home.

The Ventus two air resistance rowing machine featured with ergonomic handlebars which are sweat resistance non-slip plastic. It ensures you a comfortable and irritation-free workout. It has a built-in self-generating fan that keeps cool you during exercise.

The tablet holder supports you to set your phone or tablet place it correctly to entertain yourself while exercising. The home rower feature with the premium LCD which support you to increase your progress. It shows your workout time, strokes per minute, distance, calorie and pulse.

The Ventus seat made with padded foam that you can make your stroke perfectly. The high-grade adjustable footprint protects and supports the different user. The accessible foldable features with a large folding knob that you can easily fold and unfold it. The transport wheel support you to move it quickly.


5. SereneLife Rowing Machine

SereneLife Rowing Machine

Product specification:

  • Eight levels of resistance
  • Air and magnetic rowing machine
  • Suitable for home
  • Weights of up to 250lb
  • LCD Monitor
  • Included transport wheel
  • One year warranty

SereneLife rowing machine provides you with an enjoying workout session with innovative features. With the eight levels of resistance, the home rowing machine provides you with a complete body workout that you dint think to other exercise equipment or go to the gym. The SereseLife rowing machine is ideal for sports training, cardio fitness, fat burning and wet loss. The innovative rowing machine featured with an advanced technology LCD which track your workout information like time, distance, stride and calorie burn that you can increase your workout progress.

The SerenaLife exercise machine combines with an aerobic and anaerobic exercise which help you squeeze more out of your exercise. Every stroke pumping your heart and burn your calorie and strengthen your core and build your muscle. Your upper and lower body muscle tighten and toning smoothly. The low impact cardio machine you can use all-weather and anyone can use it entirely. The smooth-gliding counter row seat is comfortable to use, and the footprint is safe and protective to do exact strokes with safety strap.

The folding home gym rower provides you with a salient exercise without disturbing anybody. The auto power-off rowing machine included with 2AAA batteries then you can go right way while exercising. The handlebars make perfect your every pull that you can burn upper body calorie correctly. The durable, high-quality rowing machine can hold up to 250lb.


6. XS Sports R310 Home Rowing Machine

XS Sports R310 Folding Rowing Machine

Product specifications:

  • 4kg inner magnetic belt-driven flywheel
  • Ten levels of adjustable magnetic resistance
  • A sleek profile for easy storage
  • Inbuilt wheels to slide out of sight when done
  • Whisper quiet use
  • Padded handlebars
  • Advanced LCD
  • Assembly instructions and tools

XS Sports R310 Home Rowing Machine featured with premium quality exercise that you will get maximum exercise within minimum time. That ensures you seamlessly cutting edge exercise. It features with ten levels adjustable resistance with 4kg inner magnetic flywheel that provide you full body workout entirely. With cheap elastic bands, the magnetic rowing machine gives piece on your hand during pulling.

The XS R310 professional rowing machine certified from CE that ensure you a safe cardio exercise. It included with multifunctional LCD that you can see your workout information and increase your workout progress. The display measures your total count, calorie, count per minute, count, time, and scans your workout information. The outstanding quality XS Sports rower has been refined by hundreds of hour’s cutting edge research.

The XS Sports foldable rowing machine crafted from heavy-duty materials that can hold up to 100kg maximum weight. The XS Sports save your space that you can store it any short place after in use or can keep it beside your furniture. The transport wheel support you to move around it quickly when you need it.

The R310 has an adjustable footprint with a safety strap that protects you from slipping during exercise. With this XS 310 machine, you can do experienced exercise and feel natural rowing.


7. Body Sculpture BR3010

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym

Product specifications:

  • Three tension cords resistance.
  • Feature with a digital LCD
  • Instructional DVD included
  • Easily foldable
  • Velcro straps footplates

Body Sculpture BR3010 home Gym features with a classic design which provides you versatile full-body workout every time. The incredible equipment design with three adjustable resistance that you can make rowing beginning to top level. The built-in gym ensures the perfect workout after every session, and it’s toning and strength your large muscle group. It strengthens your Arms, Chest, Shoulder, Last and Abs.

The BR3010 included with a digital LCD which track your workout information and support to increase your progress. The display shows your calorie burned, count your strokes, time, total count, and scan your workout data that you can make a new workout plan later. The BR3010 included with a free instructional DVD that helps you to get accustoms and settled with your new equipment.

The protective Body Sculpture BR3010 support you to rowing and gym perfectly. The 2-in -1 rowing machine ensure you perfect strokes and proper gym that you don’t to use another machine or go to the gym. The secure footplate protects you from unwanted slipping during exercise because it’s adjustable and included with safety strap. BR3010 foldable rowing machine featured with the creative folding option that you can save your space.


8. Skandika Poseidon Regatta Rowing Machine

Skandika Poseidon Regatta Rowing Machine

Product specifications:

  • The 125 cm long rudder rail
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Variety of handles
  • Multifunctional rowing multi-gym exercises
  • Low-noise and low-maintenance resistance
  • Multifunctional computer with LCD
  • Maximum user weight up to 110 kg

Skandika Rowing Machine comes with two-in-one gym equipment that correctly exercises your full body. It featured with two different sets of handles so you can make rowing and pulling to get an excellent body shape.

The Skandika ensure you low-noise exercise with the low- maintenance resistance via poly-fibre traction system. If you want to get the perfect workout session; the multi Gym rowing machine is perfect for home use. The rowing machine ensures you enter exercise for your upper body and lower body. It strengthens your leg, core muscle, back muscle and abdominal. The two pull handles and standing exercise position give you a variety of another exercise according to your needs. The handles ergonomically design with covered foam which sweats resistance that you feel comfortable while exercising.

The seat and the footprint are creatively adjustable that you can set it like your choice. Footprint included with a safety strap that protects you from unwanted slipping during exercise. The Skandiaka multi-gym has a multifunctional computer with LCD. the LCD track your workout information like your count, the total number of count your rowing time, speed and stroke that you can make another significant workout plan in next. The equipment is easy to fold with a two-way folding system, and it saves your space.


9. HOMCOM Rowing Machine

HOMCOM Rowing Machine

Product specifications:

  • 12 adjustable levels of resistance
  • LCD console displays
  • Large anti-slip foot pedals
  • Fully padded seat
  • Length of rowing rail: 61cm
  • Weight Capacity: 100kg

The HOMCOM Rowing Machine comes with 12 levels of strength resistance which ensure you smooth and quiet row and different workout level. The verity level of resistance allows multi-user like a beginner to elite. So the rowing machine is perfect for all, and you can use it peacefully.

The HOMCOM Rowing machine featured with a multifunctional LCD monitor which shows your workout information to increase your workout progress. It displays your workout time, count strokes, calories, total count, and scan your all data.

The HOMCOM Rower featured with innovative handles and padded foam seat that you enjoy your comfortable rowing. The footprint comes with non-slip pedals to ensure the safe and perfect posture of rowing. The rowing machine work for your entire body and its target your big muscle group like your legs, arms, back, abdomen, hip and more with additional exercise.

The HOMCOM rowing machine featured with floor protectors safeguarded that creatively adjust with your uneven floor and prevent skidding during exercise. The robust rowing machine made from a metal frame and added with strength and stability. It can carry up to 100 kg user weight. For the folding option, you can store it any short place easily.



To know it very well that the rowing machine is best for a full-body workout, but you can’t choose one which you need for yourself.

Here you can know details about the nine best rowing machine, and you can select easily one. This rowing machine is best for home use and perfect for your workout plan.

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