Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine UK Review 2023

In this review, you can know the details about the concept2 Model D accurately.

It comes with a different types of features which are very useful and essential for your fitness.

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Product review:

The machine designed efficiently that able to support lifetime to do exercise.

The equipment of this model is very durable, which gives you the best value of choice. It is straightforward to assemble that anybody can set it and use it easily.

The model D is like a piece of gym equipment, but it creatively made for a home gym that you can get an effective workout without going to the gym.

Features of the product:

  • Included assembly instruction
  • Includes the Performance Monitor 5
  • 35.5cm seat height
  • Comparable data for every row.
  • Adjustable monitor arm.
  • Easily separates into two pieces for storage
  • Caster wheels make it mobile.
  • Requires footprint of 274 cm x 122 cm; 227kg capacity
  • 5-year frame warranty.
  • Flywheel design minimizes noise while maximizing a smooth feel.
  • Indoor rowing is an effective full-body, low-impact workout
  • Monorail Length: 137 cm

Easy to assemble:

The Concept 2 Model D rowing machine is very easy to install with all of including screw and necessary tools.

The assembly instruction is evident so you can install it easily. You don’t have to cost more than 20- 30 minutes to assemble it.

Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine UK


This is an air-resistance rowing machine. Air resistance depends on pulling handle belt the flywheel move speedily and makes a strong resistance and pull handle the resistance smoothly also provide you with a smooth motion. So the resistance level of the D model depends on you what kind of resistance you need to remove your extra fat and weight.

It is also adjustable for its manual pulling and pushing system. So the beginner and elite trainer anybody can adjust their ability with it smoothly. And the resistance increases what you need to burn your calories.

It included the best resistance that you can easily create a long session of workout and fit your health immediately.


The flywheel is an amazing featured with super-smooth motion. It ensures you that how hard or natural resistance you need.

Your every stroke provides you with an excellent resistance with this flywheel, and you can control it as you want. With spiral damper, it supports you to change the resistance, and you can also change the stroke, which suits your preference.

Comfortable Seat:

It has a sizeable 35.5cm height, comfortable seat. The seat is perfect for all of them. The padded seat prevents you from back pain, and you can make a good posture during a workout.

Ergonomic handle:

The ergonomic handlebar provides you with a great grip that you can grave your muscles as you want. It’s covered with moulded rubber so that you won’t feel any wrist pain during exercise.

The rubber padded handle supports you to catch easily and it prevents to slip while pulling the belt. Your every movement makes a perfect stroke with your handle perfection.

The comfortable handle supports you to make the best row and it ensures to tighten your wrist, arm and shoulder muscle. It also tone your big muscle group that you don’t think about your muscle toning.


The footprint of the concept2 Model D review shows that it is a great value of demand. The separate footprint included with a safety strap that you can adjust your foot easily with or without shoes.

The non-slip footprint is adjustable for any sized foot that anybody can rest their foot peacefully and stoke for better exercise.

The footprint designed with the flexibility, it reduces your ankle pain and ensures you a safe exercise. Footprint or pedal is the most important part of a rowing machine which helps to develop your lower body muscle and remove your fat quickly.

Your every push ensured you the high value of exercise because you feel that how much build your leg, buttock and back part. The push effect on your lag muscle that it makes stronger before then .it also toning your big muscle group.

LCD monitor:

Concept 2 Model D monitor

The concept2 LCD monitor offers you a great value with PM5 Monitor. It provides you with accurate and separate data each time. The LCD track your all workout information and record data.

It displayed your workout distance, workout speed, pace, calories and watt for individual workout what you do. You can select between five display options like all data, force curve, bar chart, large print, and having a pacer.

We know that when you can see your won exercise static, you will get extra power to make more effective exercise to fit your health. The Concept2 Model D rowing machine gives this opportunity, and the monitor adjust your front level that you can easily see it.

The best option for this LCD is backlit display. Included backlit screen illuminates when you start your stroke with Concept2 model D. The backlit display supports you to read your workout information in the low light. The LCD is user-friendly that helps to manage a wide range of features like a preset workout, games, and multiple languages.

The LCD also supports your smartphone or iPhone. If you have a compatible Android or iPhone you can use the free concept2 app ErgData without wire you can connect your indoor rowing machine. The app provides you with all additional feedback and ensures you automatically store your workout direct on this rowing machine.

It also included with watts ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity which allow you to pair with compatible heart rate monitors for wireless heart rate monitoring. For the heart rate monitor, you can ensure your cardiovascular workout easily that’s very important to manage your fitness perfectly.

The wireless chest strap of concept2 rower attached with LCD monitor, so that you can check your heart rate quickly. You can read your heart rate at 10-second intervals and also can compare the different values from before and after the workout.

That helps to know you what type of rowing or stroke you should make to improve your fitness. Overall the concept2 model D support you to increase your workout progress with all of the original features.

The PM5 is the top-notch in the world as a performance monitor. The beat thing of PM5 you can be used with the online logbook. So I can say that the concept2 model D is the best and perfect rowing machine for your fitness and you can choose it easily.

Best folding option:

The folding option provides you with a great option to separate thin machine instantly. Thought it too lightweight machine but it not small. It have a long and perfect rail which is perfect for a tall person. You can separate the monorail from folding it easily. And within a very small place, you can store it quickly.

Space problem is not a small issue we think all of our environment of the home then we decided to buy something and the rowing machine is not different. Because we have to do exercise every day, so we need to think about place .and the concept2 is the best folding machine in which you can store any small place or store your living room for its smart folding option.


Concept 2 Model D Indoor RowerConcept 2 Model D design with very lightweight with durable equipment that you can do a perfect exercise with the machine. With the all features the D model is effective rowing machine that you keep and use it quickly.

The D model is not a small size, but it is easy to accommodate and even moderate-sized space. The product dimensions are 243.8 x 61 x 113 cm and the footprint is 274 cm x 122 cm and it also adjustable that you can attach it comfortably.

The seat is too comfortable with a suitable height, and it also fits for different height people. The comfortable seat ensures you an effective workout which provides this rower perfectly.

It has an LCD console that tracks and records all workout data which helps to make a new workout plan. The D model can hold maximum user weight up to 227kg. Though the exercise machine is not much substantial, it’s durable so you can make maximum stroke easily.

The concept2 model D rowing is the best choice of the champion, and it effectively designed for a lifetime. If you are looking for a solid rowing machine, I strongly recommend this machine because it provides you with a great value of money.

You can find the concept2 model D rowing machine available in two colors light grey and black. You can choose the best color as your demand.

What’s the concept 2 model d and what’s it do?

The rowing machine recognized by competitive rowers as the standard exercise machine for the home gym. The best thing is that it provides you with the best cardiovascular workout, which supports you to increase your fitness level and make an exact workout session to increase your workout progress.

The concept2 Model D not only developed your fitness level; it is also toning your big muscle group. The rower creatively performs for your whole body workout that you don’t need to go to the training center to do another exercise.

What kind of workout will you get from the concept 2 models?

The Concept2 Model D rowing machine creatively workout for your full body. It supports you to lose your weight quickly and burn your fat and calorie smoothly. The rowing machine is perfect for upper and lower body mussels because it ensures you to strengthen and tone your muscle smoothly.


The review shows that al about concept2 Model D rowing machine. Hope that you can understand now why concept2 is the best machine in the UK.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2023