How To Use The Rowing Machine In The Gym

If you ate looking for a good cardio workout machine, then Rowing Machine will be the best choice for matter what your goal you should always mix with aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

The Rowing Machine moderately perform your full body workout and burn calorie and lose weight quickly. The rowing machine exercises your upper and lower body muscle. With the little impact exercise Rowing Machine endurance you intensity that you can get a perfect body fitness.

But before using this machine, you should know how to use a rowing machine properly. In this review, you can understand it clearly, and it may help you to use a Rowing Machine ideally.

Before starting rowing, you have to know about rowing machine accurately. How to set and how you will begin to. It is a little bit hard for new user But not impossible. Here you can see from the beginning position that will be very helpful for you.

Beginning Position

  • At first, you have to select a place where you want to set your rowing machine .then you can set the resistance level. Though you are a beginner that you can choose resistance from entry-level.
  • Set an exact point that you can make a row easily and hold the hand row properly to do the perfect pull. No need to keep the handle tightly.
  • Make sure that you are secure with a safety strap that you are not moving around you slide.
  • Pull the handle with you as a slide to the endpoint. You have to see that your leg is completely straight. Straight your back and hold the handle in the right position. Your elbow position should be pointing down your side. Now you can start your rowing beginning to the ending point. To make a complete stoke and get a super experienced exercise.

Rowing machine Benefits

There are many advantages of rowing machine that develop your fitness.

  • It provides you with low-impact exercise, which is very easy and friendly for your joints, and it is safe from other activates.
  • Rowing machine workout for your entire body.
  • It improves your core health.
  • It is straightforward to use that anybody can do it.
  • It takes up a little space from other equipment that’s great for home exercise.
  • It builds your muscle and ensures your cardio fitness
  • The rowing machine exercise improves your workout flexibility.

How Is the Motion of Rowing Machine?

The rowing machine provides you with four types of motion from beginning to end. It’s beginning from starting position, give a transition, reach ending post and start another transformation back to start. These four positions give you the best exercise to burn your calorie and lose your weight quickly.

In the beginning point, you have to seat correctly and catch the handle. The handle tightens your arm muscle. The handle support you to pull the row and foot encourage you to push. That you can quickly strengthen your upper and lower body muscle, each stroke engages your lower back point and protect from injuries.

When you drive with your leg then your muscle straight correctly and your hip and lane back to about 45degree. The pulling movement burns your belly fat .the specific action creatively burn your leg, core, hips, shoulders and arm fat. It recovers the joint pain that you can do along with the rowing session peacefully.

How to make an exact rowing routine for getting a better workout

To get a perfect workout session, you have to maintain a proper workout session. Beginner user can use a rowing machine four days a week, and you can take 20-30 minutes per day session. If you are an elite user, you can use daily, or you can make your time as you need.

  • Select your time and resistance level or laborious exercise you want.
  • Count your strokes per minute.
  • Check your calorie before and after rowing.
  • Manage your daily routine, which you follow to get a better result.

You know that rowing machine exercises about 60% of the leg, 30% of the core, and 10% of your arms. So you can say that the Rowing Machine is a piece of complete workout equipment you don’t go to do other training.


In this review, you can see the easiest way to use a Rowing Machine that you will get great exercise. Rowing Machine completely burns your full body calorie that you can lose weight and get healthy fitness. Beginner and advance user can use it easily with adjustable resistance.

Last Updated on January 2, 2023

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