Is A Rowing Machine Good For Weight Loss

Rowing Machine provides your full body exercise with low impact workout that resembles sitting on the boat and moving paddles through the water.

This exercise raises your heart rate and breaks your sweat that very headful to lose weight. Regular training on the Rowing Machine can help to burn calorie, strength muscle and toning muscle which support you to increase energy.

A rowing machine workout can burn 600 calories within an hour, and that is more efficient from other workout equipment. You will be satisfied with rowing because it provides you with the best exercise without impacting on your joints.

Is Rowing Better For Fat/weight Loss?

The Rowing machine is a popular exercise machine. Different type of Rowing machine has in the market, but the flywheel rowing machine is most common on the market. The Rowing Machine exercise burn the number of calories based on your activity.

You know that a rowing machine exercise burns an average of 600 calories about an hour. It increases your workout intensity if you combine training with a healthy diet plan, and you can touch your fitness goal quickly.

Beginner and the elite user can use different way this machine. Beginner user set their time in moderately, but elite user increases their rowing speed and hard to get fast result. To lose weight quickly, you have to focus on your strokes per minute.

You can also do rowing use interval session to gain higher result with shorter time. If you are an intermediate user, you can use this plan.

  • Take 10 minutes for warm-up to do 20 strokes per minutes
  • Start the first session for 5 minutes and do 22 stroke
  • The second 4-minute session you can do 24 for stroke per minute
  • Then gradually you can minimize your time and maximize your strokes like 3 minutes 26 stroke, 2 minutes 27 stroke and 1 minute 28 strokes.
  • In the last or ending time, you should be cool down 10 minutes for 20 Strokes (per minute)
  • In the 30 minutes workout session, you can do 766 strokes which is enough for a day one workout session.

Is Rowing a Good Way to Lose Belly Fat?

The Rowing machine in not only tighten and tone your muscle but also lose your belly fat. When you start your rowing, you have to use your leg to push the paddles and use your hand to pull the handle in this article position creative exercise your body fat which helps to shed stubborn belly fat. So the answer is yes .the rowing machine suitable for burning belly fat.

Is Rowing Machine Suitable for Full Body Workout?

Rowing Machine provides you more than 80% of your body workout, and it stimulates most of your major muscle groups including your legs, upper back, quads, hamstrings, core, biceps and forearms.

The rowing develops your 60% of your leg, 40%from upper body. So you can say it that a rowing machine is a piece of complete exercise equipment which provide you with a full-body workout.

The final word

Finally, I can say that the Rowing Machine is a piece of perfect equipment to lose weight that you don’t think to do another exercise at the same time. It increases your endurance and provides you with the best workout than other equipment.

Each stroke you can increase your workout stability boosts your metabolism that you can develop your workout session. It is straightforward to use and gives you fun during the workout session.

Last Updated on March 8, 2023