JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine UK Review 2023

JLL R200 rowing machine is becoming more popular for its intelligent features and full-body workout.

The JLL give you maximum workout within the minimum time. It supports to lose your weight quickly and burn your calorie smoothly.

With the sturdy equipment, it can give you the best value of money and the best part you can use for the home gym.

JLL® R200 Reviews

JLL R200 give you the best service to fulfil your demand to improve your fitness. It’s very sturdy that you can use it safely. The JLL R200 ensure your whole body workout that you don’t need to go for another exercise machine or gym centre to get a perfect shape because it takes care of your full body to keep you fit.

With the all features JLL R200 is provide you with a fantastic value. The machine creatively designed like gym equipment that you can smoothly reduce your extra tension. It smoothly burns your fat and loses your weight quickly that you can feel relax and lead a healthy life.

This Machine featured with ten levels of magnetic resistance that provide you with an excellent workout for full body. Within very reasonable price the R200 gives you the value of cost. The soft-covered cushion provides you with comfort that you can do a long term exercise to keep in fit.

The JLL® R200 Home Rowing machine comes with boxed included everything that you need to set it. It is straightforward to assemble by yourself at home. The JLL is a very lightweight that you can move it quickly.


JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine

10 levels of magnetic resistance: The JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine featured with 10 levels of magnetic resistance.

So you can use it easily from beginning to advance level. The rowing machine is suitable for beginner to the elite user. And resistance level support you to choose your perfect training and make your exercise plan smoothly.

Large and bright LCD Display: JLL rowing machine comes with a large and clear LCD display hat you can read your workout program.

The LCD console shows your total count of the row, calorie burnt, count per minute, and the current count of rows, distance, scan mode and time. The display featured seven functions that are very easy to use.

This information is very important for you to make a perfect exercise and JLL provide it.

When you are making rowing, you don’t need to press any button to read your information because the scan feature it automatically flips between central readings.

The JLL 200 does not include back-lit so it’s a little bit hard to read it in low light .over all the display helps to develop your workout progress and also you can make a new exercise plan to see your previse exercise information.

Foldable design: When you complete your workout session that you need to keep it in a safe place.

The good news is that the luxury home rowing machine is creatively foldable that you can store it in a small area and it looks like furniture in your house. The folded dimension if JLL r 200 is Dimensions: L 124cm W52cm H 58cm.

Transport wheel: If you feel that you need to set it outside of the home for doing your session that you can quickly move it because JLL r200 featured with transport wheel.

The flywheel is near to the magnetic resistance so that you can choose real strength and make a perfect workout motion.

The JLL 200 rail provide you with a noiseless movement so you can use it comfortably without disturbing anyone. It also supports you to give concentrate on your work correctly.

Non-skid footprint and covered cushion seat: The non-skid foot paddle included with the JLL r 200 that you can safely push your leg and smoothly back it again.

For the non-skid option, you can make a safe rowing to keep in fit. The footprint also included a safety strap that prevents you from slipping during exercise.

The JLL 200 featured with a piece of smooth sliding equipment which provides you seamless rowing simulation.

The seat of JLL 200 is covered with a soft cushion that supports you to do a long tile workout session. We know that the comfortable seat gives you a perfect workout .so the place gives you a perfect value of exercise.

Design: The JLLL R200 Design with a super folded option for saving your also included with a piece of folding equipment for seat rail. It folding length is 71 cm, but the overall length is 180 cm.

When you fold it, you need to follow some instruction, and that is

  • At first, you should unscrew the knob on the top seat rail.
  • Then pull side adjustment knob to release the rail.
  • It has left the rail until it clicks into place.

Re-screw the first knob into the underneath of the rail to secure it in the upright position.

The JLL R200 is sturdy with durable equipment. The seat rail made with aluminium it looks so beautify, and it can hold up to 100 kg maximum user weight.

Comfort: The JLL R200 ensure you a comfortable workout with its all intelligent features. So by using this rowing machine, you can get in shape quickly.

The seat is so comfortable with this rowing machine. Footprint dual seat motion with quiet motion and the ergonometric handle are also so convenient to grave your adjustability.

The machine is perfect for tall and short person. It easily supports 6-foot tall user so undouble I can say that the JLL R200 is the entirely comfortable machine for doing a better workout session.

What’s The JLL 200 And What’s It Do?

The JLL R200 the best rowing machine is this position. Review shows that the JLL does not only perform for whole body workout but also smoothly work as a cardiovascular machine. It has ten realities of the level that provide you with a different exercise that you can burn your calorie quickly.

The JLL machine makes strength your core muscle, leg and buttock muscle. Every motion gives you the best value of price because it also tones your shoulder, arm and chest muscle and strength it too.

When you are rowing the hand belt that time, it makes stronger your hand wrist and arm and chest muscle and also builds strong the lower part of your body smoothly.

It smoothly loses your weight, burn your fat and give you a perfect shape what you expect from it.

The folded machine give you age scope to save your space to store it. You can also move it quickly for transport wheel. The device is a small size so you can store it your bedroom too.

The JLL R200 combined with belt-driven wheel and magnetic resistance so you can get a smooth and quiet motion without disturbing anybody.

If you think you need the best rowing to do a perfect workout so no need to finding more you can take JLL R200 to be a good pick.

What Kind Of Workout Will Do You Get From The JL200?

JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine

You may know that rowing machine gives you the best raining that you can burn fat quickly and JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine is not different from it.

The JLL ensure you the best exercise to burn your calorie and get you in shape. It also works for cardio health and strength of your muscle. The JLL reduce your injured joint and protect joint from fall in new injuries.

Every rail gives you an amazing experience to develop your fitness. It tightens your arm and shoulder muscle. Your leg and back also overall muscle tighten and tone that you feel better to see your fitness improvement.

The JLL rowing resistance gives you a variety of exercise that you feel that you are rowing in naturally.

One machine gives you all solution to do a complete workout in the home because of the JLL 200 workout your full body and within few minutes you can get a perfect exercise and can reduce your extra fat or weight.

The JLL is very easy to use that you don’t go to the centre to learn it. The included instruction helps to use it easily. By pulling and pushing, you can smoothly complete your fantastic exercise and get in shape. The machine is ideal for both beginner and elite user .it also suitable for the tall and short person too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of flywheel on R200?

The flywheel weight of JLL R200 rowing machine is 7 KG or roughly 15.5 pounds.

JLL R200 monitor instructions.

JLL R 200 monitor is very easy to and is very clear to read. If you feel that you need to know more about monitor instruction that you can read this review attentively and also you can find an instruction book with this product so you can quickly solve it.

What is the price of JLL R200?

It is the high time to save your money, and you can get JLL R200 only £184.99. That means you can save £13.99 (7%). The price is very reasonable to get a good rowing machine, and the machine provides you with the value of cost!


There are many rowing machines in the market, but it’s quite challenging to choose the best one for your fitness.

In this review, you can see the details of the JLL R200 rowing machine and hope that you can understand why this machine the best in the UK market.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2023