JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine Review 2023

The JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine is the best rowing machine to lose your weight quickly and get a perfect shape smoothly.

With all intelligent features, the JTX ensures you the exact workout for keeping your body fit.

It is very much comfortable and provides your full-body exercise seamlessly.

JTX Freedom Air Rowing review:

The JTX freedom air rower comes with the robust and durable features which give more comfort and professional training for your fitness.

Its creatively perform for a long-lasting that without tension, you can use it correctly. The JTX combined with air and electromagnetic resistance that’s give you a smooth workout.

The JTX Air Rowing featured with 16 levels of air and electromagnetic resistance that you can prove your adjustability and ability to do a perfect workout.

Included eight training programs provide you with a variety of training which ensures you a specific exercise to fit your health.it also included with heart rate controlled option that shows your instant cardio rate during the workout.

With the aluminium frame, the JTX is so durable and can behold up to 130 kg user weight like 20 stone. For the smooth folding option, it is straightforward to fold and store in a small place, and you can transport it easily.

The JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine provides you two year home repair warranty, including all parts and labour.

JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine


Features Of JTX Freedom Air Rowing:

  • DualTorque airflow and electro-magnetic resistance
  • Advanced computer tracks speed, distance, 500m Split Time, stroke, revolutions, time, torque or power, strokes/minute and heart rate
  • 8 Pre-programmed workouts include interval, hill profile and target heart rate options
  • Dimensions: 225(l) x 58(w)x 86(h)
  • Folded: 112(l) x 58(w)x 160(h)
  • Max User Weight: 130kg
  • Machine Weight: 36.5kg
  • Reinforced aluminium frame. JTX MotionRail system

DualTorque Air Flow And Electro-magnetic Resistance

JTX Freedom Air rowing machine featured with dual torque resistance system. That combines with Airflow and electromagnetic resistance. The resistance system provide you with an excellent fitness option and 16 levels of resistance that’s helps to enhance your fitness ability. And you can choose the best strength according to your fitness level.

The combination of electromagnetic and air resistance allows for much deep resistance level that you can adjust your capability with it. The opposition is perfect for all type of user because you can make a stroke from beginning to advance level.

If you want to make a challenging workout that Air resistance better for it, and the magnetic strength is better to customize your workout as you need. Both resistance ensures you a perfect exercise to lose your weight and burn fat.

The JTX monorail system and magnetic resistance ensure you smooth and noiseless motion .that you can make a new workout plan without disturbing anybody or your neighbour.

Advanced Computer:

The JTX featured with an advanced computer which included with backlight screen that you can read the screen in low or under light easily. You can also set the resistance level by using a monitor.

The monitor included with eight pre-programmed workouts and also included a heart-rate controlled program then you can read your cardiovascular exercise.

You can set a target heart rate using a wireless chest strap which sold separately, and it adjusts with resistance automatically.

The monitor tracks your all workout information’s likeJTX Air Rowing

  • Distance of rowed
  • Speed
  • Stroke
  • Strokes per minute
  • 500m split time
  • Torque power
  • Heart rate

The data increase your workout endurance that helps to go the next step of your training.

Durable and Gym-quality:

The JTX Freedom Air rowing machine featured with Reinforced aluminium frame and MotionRail system which ensure you a smooth and stable rowing experience.

With the durable body equipment, the JTX freedom can hold up to 130kg user weight, so you don’t think how much you are more massive and you can use it peacefully.

Though the JTX come for the home gym, it creatively designed like a commercial gym, equipment. So you will get the maximum workout with minimum exercise.

Adjustable footplate and full comfortable seat:

The JTX Freedom included with 6-point of adjustable footrest it allows to user’s foot naturally.it has a safety strap that prevents you for unexpected slipping during exercise and supports you to make extra mile for quick benefited.

It is evident that a Comfortable seat support you to make a long term workout. The JTX included it, and the padded seat is full and too comfortable with making a prolonged and workable exercise.

Ergonomic handle:

The handle of the JTX Freedom featured with an ergonomic bend which encourages you to grave your muscle properly. It helps to protect your wrist from injuries and prevent you from slipping on workout time if you are sweating.

To make a proper stroke handle support you more and an adequate stroke ensure to lose your weight ideally.

JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine

Folding option:

Before buying a rowing machine, you may think about space. Because if you have a small apartment, you always remember to buy a small and workable rowing machine.

Fortunately, the JTX freedom air rowing featured with super folding option. The use dimension of 225cm (L) x 58cm (W) x 58cm (H) but when you fold it the folding dimensions comes 112cm (L) x 58cm (W) x 150cm (H) so you can store it very quickly in a small place when you are not in use.

It has attached transport wheel that you can move it quickly where you need to set it for exercise.

Easy to assemble:

The JTX is very easy to assemble that you can set it easily without going gym expert. The machine comes with a heavy-duty material and an instruction note included with it.

There every instruction wrote step by step that you can understand easily and assemble it within an hour or half-an-hour.


  • The JTX Freedom Air rowing machine featured with a Reinforced aluminium frame which is very durable and sturdy that can carry up to 130kg user weight.
  • The JTX Freedom Air rowing machine featured with dual torque resistance system that combines with Airflow and electromagnetic resistance. So the JTX freedom is perfect for all ages people and suitable for beginner and advances too.
  • It is straightforward to assemble that you can set it quickly.
  • JTX air and electromagnetic rowing machine included with 16 levels of resistance that you can adjust your suitable resistance according to your fitness.
  • It featured eight pre-program that you can choose your program easily.
  • JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine included with heart rate monitor that you can see your cardio rate during exercise.
  • The JTX feature with an advanced computer included a backlit screen that you can scan your workout information in a low light.
  • It has large footplate with a safety strap that you can make your stroke perfectly the safety strap prevent you from slipping.
  • The JTX ensure you a cardiovascular workout and challenging workout to get complete exercise training.
  • It included a wireless chinstrap which you have to buy separately.


The JTX freedom air rowing machine is the best rowing machine which provides you with a healthy workout that you can get a maximum workout within the minimum exercise.

The JTX intelligently featured with air and electromagnetic resistance which is suitable for all type of trainer. With the commercial feature and equipment, the JTX made for a home gym that you can get advance level of workout in your home.

It has advance computer monitor and cardiovascular workout that you make your workout plan safely.

The ergonomic handle and padded seat help to make a long term workout plan . It has eight training programs that you can choose the suitable training to get complete fitness.

Overall the JTX is the best rowing machine for whole body workout, so you don’t think about another training to get a super fitness.

What’s theJTX freedom air rower, and what’s it do?

The JTX freedom air rowing machine is an electromagnetic rowing machine which supports you to make a perfect stroke to burn your calorie.

You can make a complete workout plan using the thin computer. It ensures you to fulfil your workout target as you need. It has 16 levels of air and electromagnetic resistance and eight pre-workout programs that you can choose the best one.

The JTX air featured with Reinforced Aluminium which is durable and sturdy. With the 38 bodyweights, the JTX can hold up to 130 user weight that you can make your workout plan peacefully.

What kind of workout will you get from the JTX freedom air rower?

JTX freedom air rowing machine is a complete pack of whole-body workout that you don’t go gym centre to do extra exercise.

Every stroke ensures you a smooth and perfect posture that burn your extra fat and calorie. The 16 levels of air and electromagnetic resistance provide you variety of workout that you can do the best one based on your fitness.

The JTX air helps to burn your upper and lower body fat. The footplates ensure you a safe and secure workout that you can gripe your big muscle groups.it also help to tighten your abs and buttock muscle and also toning your muscle group.

The handle helps to make exact rowing that burns your arm, shoulder and chest muscle. It also tones your flesh that you don’t have to think about your upper body muscle.

The JTX is a complete Rowing machine which is very useful to get a full workout to fit your health.


With the 16 levels of air and electromagnetic resistance, the JTX Freedom Air rowing machine is the best in the UK. It is adjustable and suitable for beginner and advances too with the eight training programs. You can choose an appropriate plan to burn your fat quickly.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2023