WaterRower Rowing Machine Review UK 2023

One machine gives you all solution to do a complete workout that is WaterRower rowing machine.

It is too stylish and workable exercise machine that support you to keep your fitness perfectly and help to make a new workout plan.

WaterRower rowing machine Overview

This machine comes with the premier fitness facture all over the world that help to keep your fitness and provide you with a healthy life.

This machine is creatively designed for giving a super experience because rowing machine ensures your full-body workout that within one exercise machine use you can provide the all kind of workout.

The WaterRower water rowing machine is straightforward to use that you can quickly start your exercise and you don’t need to go to the training centre to learn it.

It featured with a different type of training then you can easily understand every feature. This machine made with a wood frame that looks so elegant. So you can keep it in your living room like a piece of furniture.

The WaterRower resistance generated with peerless water tank equipment, so without manual adjustment, you can increase and decrease the resistance and make smooth movement perfectly.

The resistance level is one of the vital things to do a perfect workout. And it helps to make your perfect resistance what is adjust with your ability.

WaterRower Rowing Machine Review


  • A handcrafted rowing machine with “water flywheel” that replicates you actual rowing feeling.
  • Flywheel sits in an enclosed water tank to provide smooth, quiet, self-regulated resistance.
  • Series 4 performance monitor tracks workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, and many more.
  • Solid ash and stained honey oak construction, absorbs sound and vibration.
  • Stores upright; measures 84 x 21 x 22 inches (W x H x D)

S4 performance monitor:

The WaterRower included with an S4 performance monitor that you can see you exercise data on the screen during exercise.

The LCD monitor included nine buttons which you can use to maintain your workout. The power button supports you to on and off your monitor and holds and reset it.

S4 monitor tracks your workout intensity, your total stroke rate, heart rate, and so more. It can take six ways to sow mile per second, MPH, 500 meter split time, 2-kilometer split time, calorie per-hour and watts. You can select your essential program which you need to see on display during the workout.

The LCD track your vital workout statics that’s the support you to make a new workout plan to get in shape quickly.

This information is below:WaterRower Rowing monitor

  • Stroke rate
  • Heart rate
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Helps to QuickStart and Quick Select options need to press a single button use to quickly start workouts.
  • It Has Auto Store workout information and Auto Preview options store the last nine (9) workout settings that are easily scrollable for easy recall and viewing.
  • Zone features allow you to set your intensity, stroke rate and heart rate. The feature tracks and shows you when you are inside or outside your zones.
  • Distance and duration workout feature allows you to be preset and count down your workout. Average statistics displayed upon completion.
  • Interval workout option allows you to set up to nine nine work intervals separated by rest durations. Alarms and statistics prompt you at the end of ranges.
  • The advanced monitor also allows you to set as you need to fit yourself.
  • Store an addition nine nine workout setting independent of the Auto Store.
  • Your plan settings allow you to view accepted duration and distance during workouts.

Advanced heart rate analysis and lets you view maximum rates, time spent above, below and in your heart rate zone.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

It included with Bluetooth connectivity and included with small USB. You can connect your pc with it, and you can see the video how to make a perfect stoke to use the WaterRower.

Included DVD:

One of the best points is that the WaterRower machine included with a training DVD that helps to learn how to use it.

Also, ensure you that how can you set your exercise machine without going others. The DVD also shows you that how you start your workout how to rest your adjustable resistance with your ability.

Non-skid Footprint And Cushion Seat:

The WaterRower rowing machine included with a non-skid footprint that you can safely make stoke without slipping your foot.

The footprint also has a safety strap that supports you from unexpected slipping during exercise. The safety strap it helps to adjust your foot ideally; it doesn’t matter your foot is small size or regular.

The footboard of this machine included with a high level of flexibility that you can use it ideally. It featured with foot safety strap the food board and strap are individually adjustable that you can fix it properly with your adjustability.

The seat design with ergonomically cushioned that ensures you a smooth and comfortable exercise. When you are rowing the machine, the seat glides silently rails on the rowing stroke. So without disturbing anyone, you can make your exercise plan peacefully.

You know that a comfortable seat support you to do a perfect exercise.it also support you to do long-time exercise.

WaterRower Rowing Machine

Resistance and Maximum Weight Capacity:

The WaterRower machine is made with a durable wood design. It is quite stylish and sturdy too that you can use it peacefully it featured with dynamic resistance that gradually increases when you make stoke.

Every stoke gives that feel like you are doing it naturally. The strength is suitable for beginner and elite user too. The WaterRower is the best closeable rowing machine for its beautiful wooden design.

The rail also made by wood and it supports you to make perfect rail .overall the dynamic resistance system of this rower can behold up to 1000 maximum user capacity.

Hand belt And Rowing Benefited:

The hand belt is the most important thing for a rower machine because by using it, you can grip your muscle. The handle is ergonomically designed that you can pull it correctly to do a useful exercise.

When you remove the hand belt that tone and tighten your upper body muscle. Your wrist, shoulder, chest muscle group. It also supports to improve your vision. Because you should follow in the front when you make rowing on your machine.

Pull hand belt and push foot both are too interesting to perform your whole body workout when you sell your leg that makes strong your leg muscle group.

It also ensures you to burn your buttock abdominal fat It helps to reduce your joint pain and prevent to do new injury. It provides your whole body workout.

When you glide in the back that smoothly burns your lower body fat and makes strong your leg and buttock muscle .front motion tightens your arm and strengthen your chest muscle.

Within the minimum workout, the rowing machine gives you maximum benefit. It helps to tone your arms and lower body muscle. The rower handle is the comfortable catch that you can rower perfectly.


WaterRower Rowing machines made with hardwood from only replenish-able sources. These rowing machines like are functional fitness furniture, and the design of it are apparent to show its ability.

As a piece of complete gym equipment but it is for home use the resistance. The rail, seat, S4 monitor rail makes this machine is too sensible that you must have to choose it to do a perfect workout.

The Water is the best rowing machine to burn your calorie quickly and give you an ideal shape. The water rower provides you with a smooth and quiet rowing that you can do your exercise while you are watching television or another room without disturbing anyone.

The WaterRower Designed by ex-US national team rower John Duke in the mid of 1980s but it has recently been made famous by Kevin Spacy as the rowing machine used in the ‘House of Cards’.

What’s the WaterRower Rowing Machine and what’s it do?

This machine is wooden made rowing machine that provides you with an excellent full-body training you can burn your calorie quickly and get in shape easily.

This machine work to strength for your body muscle group. Help to burn your extra fats tighten and toning your quadriceps, glutes, hamstring and gastrocnemius and soleus. It reduces your previous joint pain and develops your join.

What kind of workout will you get from the WaterRower?

You may know that rowing machine gives you the best raining that you can burn fat quickly, and WaterRower is not different. It reduces your injured joint and protects joint from fall in new injuries. The machine is ideal for both beginner and elite user.

The WaterRower is straightforward to use that you don’t go to the centre to learn it. The included instruction helps to use it easily. By pulling and pushing, you can smoothly complete your exercise and get in shape.

Every rail gives you a fantastic experience to develop your fitness. It tightens your arm and shoulder muscle. Your leg and back also overall muscle tighten and tone that you feel better to see your fitness improvement.

The WaterRower ensure you the best exercise to burn your calorie and get you in shape. It also works for cardio health and strength of your muscle.

Using WaterRower rowing machine, you find all solution to do a complete workout in the home because of the WaterRower workout your full body and within few minutes you can get a perfect exercise and can reduce your extra fat or weight.


With the sturdy equipment, it can give you the best value of money, and the WaterRower rowing machine is the best rowing for the home and gym.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2023